Cider Rat T-Shirt


Handprinted with linocut block fabric ink on 100% cotton unisex Gildan T-Shirts. Hand-wash, or gently wash inside out in cold water. Some sizes may currently be sold out or unavailable- however if you do not see your preferred shirt size (or color) please feel free to directly inquire about a custom shirt.

What is a "cider rat"? Apple Cider has an extremely long and vital role in American history. Until the late 1800's it was even consumed and traded more than beer, wine, and liquor. the story of the rat comes into play when looking at the process of cider creation. If conditions are right, cider can be made from one ingredient- apples. However, myth has it that if you needed to help the fermentation process along you could throw a dead rat into the cider vat!