Emily Fritts, She/They, 23

Emily Fritts was born in Beaver Dam, WI, and is currently based in Saint Paul, MN. She graduated from Edgewood College in the winter of 2022 with a BA in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. Her art examines personal aspects of her life including an upbringing in poverty, trauma, and navigating adolescence. Fritts works primarily by mixing media, incorporating imagery representative of real memories, and using found objects in her compositions to create a sense of reality. 

For a span of five years, Emily Fritts's artworks were featured in Wisconsin’s annual National Alliance on Mental Illness’ Healing Art Show.  She was chosen three years in a row to be in Edgewood College’s Juried Student Art Show; she won a juried prize in 2021 for her triptych, Dodge County Chronicles. In the summer of 2022, her piece, On the Fritz, was selected to be in Northeast Wisconsin’s top most competitive art show at the Trout Museum of Art’s 2022 Contemporary Exhibition in Appleton, WI. Her watercolor painting, Self-Portrait at 21, was chosen to be displayed in the Racine Museum of Art’s Wustum Fine Art Museum’s Watercolor Wisconsin 2022 exhibition. Recently, in 2023 Emily Fritts was selected to be a featured artist in the Minnesota Center for Book Arts' New Editions exhibition in Minneapolis, MN. Additionally, her artwork has been featured in various other shows around the state of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Fritts’ work also has been published in four editions of Lost/Found Edgewood College’s Creative Arts Magazine, she was interviewed for Wrath and Love Magazine, she has been featured in independent zines as well as online publications, and she was chosen to be interviewed for a feature on The Little Book Project’s Artists IRL website page.

Instagram @frittsart

Photograph by Jami Balicki, @jblici_art on Instagram